What Do Donald Trump & Demi Lovato Have in Common?

This topic may reignite the conversation that’s previously been put forward by Cynically Sound – does, or should, an artists’ personal life have an effect on their music career? But a comparison between Demi Lovato and Donald Trump was far too obscure to pass up.

Luckily enough, Demi Lovato is both a hypocrite AND her music gives me the same amount of pleasure as putting a toothpick under my toenail and punting a concrete wall. So that moral conundrum has been swerved before the article hath begun – clear consciences all round readers.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Now, before the internet, labels paid extortionate amounts to PR agencies to ensure that their cash-cow musicians didn’t say anything inflammatory. Hiring an agent was to ensure that profits weren’t driven down by consumers protesting against artists’ with their wallet.

Then Twitter came along.

Twitter has removed the filter between a pop star’s empty coconut head and the ability to send information instantly to millions of people worldwide. We now live in a society where we get to see the unfettered stupidity of the ‘artists’ we’re intent on admiring.

These events have culminated into this absolute gem from Lovato’s official Twitter account.

During a Q&A session with her fans, Demi shared this absolute CLASSIC prank. It makes me cry with laughter just thinking about it happening again. In fact, there are tears of joy seeping into my keyboard after rolling off the letters – F U D E M I.

But we’ve all been there right? One minute you’re a millionaire singing vapid songs to children about myocardial infarction’s or suddenly being a lesbian because the season has changed. Then before you know it a light-bulb flickers above your head – a thought! This thought develops into a genius prank idea: how funny would it be to pay a woman who’s forced to sell her body for money, to sexually assault one of my employees?

Only THE BEST PRANK of the millennium!

Unsurprisingly, after announcing her comedic genius to millions of sentient human beings – there was quite a large backlash. To illustrate why, let’s compare a key view that both Donald Trump and Demi Lovato share:

They are both incredibly entertained by the grabbing of genitals without the owners’ permission.

Between Trump and Lovato, Elon Musk should fire Trump into orbit strapped to the bonnet of a Tesla, with nothing but the ‘Fire and Fury’ audiobook on repeat being read in Spanish. But Donald Trump isn’t a vocal supporter of sexual abuse victims (not unless he believes it to be supporting the creation of sexual abuse victims anyway).

However, Demi Lovato has positioned herself centrally within the community of sexual abuse survivors. So for her to trivialise a textbook case of sexual assault, in which she was the instigator– is inexcusable. Just for a moment imagine the following. Shawn Mendes gleefully tweets about how he hired a male escort to grope his female PA, and then Tweets this in response to the backlash…

Ha. Because there’s nothing like equating jellybeans to the issue of sexual assault.

So Demi, here’s a link to the only time you’ve inserted a fraction of humour into the world.