Sometimes You Have to Break Terrible News…

Hello dear readers. Unfortunately this week we won’t be examining pop star hypocrisy, or what Donald Trump and Demi Lovato have in common. Today’s post is an important one, but it’s also been incredibly difficult to write. Throughout this piece, my aim is to be as honest and accurate as possible. For those who have continually followed and supported Cynically Sound, this may be a particularly challenging read.

Cynically Sound has nearly 30 posts for you to sink your teeth into. Each week we cover aspects of the music industry; some topics are dark, whilst others merely call artists out for their careless behaviour. Writing posts has been an absolute joy, as well as a privilege. Having a weekly slot that affords me the platform to discuss the music industry is a dream come true.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

But there’s often an event which forces a person to re-evaluate their understanding of the world. It can be appreciating the most serene sunset the Earth has to offer, or having a brush with death. Personally, something happened in the past week which has shifted my life’s viewfinder.

Thus readers, with an extremely heavy heart, I have to let you know that Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole have split up. Of course, this is a difficult time for us all. We are expecting a national day of mourning to address the loss and reconcile some of the heart ache.

Let’s wind our weary way down the lanes of times gone by, to see Payne and Coley’s relationship from start to finish.

2008: A 14 year old boy with hair that every boy who was 14 had in 2008, swanned into the X Factor audition room. He gave Cheryl a cheeky wink (ooo naughty Liam!), and whilst channelling the charisma of a crusty tea towel, sung Fly Me To The Moon. Three yes’ later, he’s onto the next stage.

2010: He’s 16 now (legal – get in Cheryl, wahey!), and with the hair that every 16 year old boy had in 2010, sang Cry Me A River. Liam is put in a boy band with 4 other dashing lads, who were later known as One Direction. Their romance isn’t exactly blossoming at the moment, as Cheryl as malaria at this point. Although it’s doubtful there’s a 16 year old boy up and down the country who’d pass up the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with Cheryl Cole – even if she contracted Hep B and had a glass eye.

2016: Between X Factor and 2016, both Cheryl and Liam were off with other people. Once Cheryl’s divorce came through, the pair became much more public with their affections. Let me tell you, it was sooooooooo cute omg!1

2017: Cheryl is forced to vehemently deny reports she’s had an affair with Chewbacca, after the two give birth to a bear. They work through this revelation and continue to successfully co-parent a child that isn’t Liam’s.

2018: After reports the two had been struggling for a while, CHIAM finally call it quits, and the public’s collective consciousness is gripped by despair. Planes drop from the sky. Traffic lights stop working. Charlie Sheen starts working. It’s chaotic right now – don’t leave the house.

Obviously In this very upsetting and turbulent time, I would also like to make a request that you all respect my privacy. The news about these twp has rocked me to the very core. While I grieve for this horrendous piece of news – please leave me be.

Next week though I’m sure I’ll be over it and back on form…