Recording Studio

From James Lavelle to Hope. We have worked with incredible artists who speak wonders of our work.

  • Live room (16 channels in, 4 headphone mixes out).
  • Industry-standard audio equipment – Neumann®, Adam Audio, EVE Audio, AKG®, Lewitt®, SSL, Audient.
  • Exceptional quality house instruments from Fender®, Gibson®, Roland®, Yamaha® and more.
  • Wide array of amplification from Fender®, Mesa Boogie®,  Blackstar®, Ashdown® and Roland®.
  • Three house drum kits – Modern, Rock & Vintage from Pearl® and Beverley.
  • A great selection of snare drums including a ’67 Ludwig Supaphonic 400 aka. The Hitmaker.
  • Control room centred around Apogee® Ensemble Thunderbolt (32 in x 30 out).
  • Vocal booth (4 channels in & out).
  • Easy-peasy loading via double doors.
  • Free parking right outside our door.
  • Free Tea & Coffee.

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Booking is subject to non-refundable deposit and our Terms & Conditions.