MORE Awful Genre Crossovers: Rap Rock & Billy Ray Cyrus

It felt sadistic putting all of these awful genre crossovers into one post. So after last weeks delve into two of hip-hop’s worst genre experiments, let’s answer a very important question;

What can Bruce Lee teach us about genre crossovers?

Photo by Fervent Jan on Unsplash

Limp Bizkit & Chocolate Starfish
Limp Bizkit are a collective full of contradictions, with less self-awareness than a lobotomy patient. Let’s first start with their band name – Limp Bizkit. For those of you uninitiated in the world of perverted sex games, or are unaware of Urban Dictionary, click here to find out what a ‘limp biscuit’ is… Presumably they spell it ‘Bizkit’ to prevent their listeners from accidentally stumbling upon a pile of wank on a circular object. Unfortunately, their album; Chocolate Starfish, is exactly that.

Now, they may be inspired by groups such as Bloodhound Gang. Playfully natured songs that aren’t taking themselves too seriously. But there’s a difference between LB frontman Fred Durst, & BG frontman Jimmy Pop. You only need to watch a music video from each band to instantly spot the disparity.

In the early noughties, this was considered an incredibly cool song – right? No? Oh…

Regardless of the nostalgic prowess this song holds, there’s no denying that as Durst shouts ‘CHOCOLATE STARFISH!’ in the opening, the bar is set pretty low. Bare in mind that this is their peak, the most commercially successful Limp Bizkit song.

Bloodhound Gang are a completely different genre, sure. But Jimmy Pop isn’t afraid to be completely ridiculous and look foolish, BG completely own their immaturity, and wear it as a badge of honour. You can’t straddle the fence with being ridiculous. Commit, or leave it.

Anyway, Limp Bizkit were instrumental in putting people off nu-metal rap. If you want an example of this genre done well, Rage Against The Machine are the boys for you.

Billy Ray Cyrus & Techno? Pop? Rap? Country?
Remember Billy Ray Cyrus? No? Remember his song, Achy Breaky Heart? Well luckily, if you’re not a middle-aged woman – then the answer is obviously ‘no’. To reignite his career with all the ferocity of an insect farting, he’s released a part two! A refresher if you will. To bring his song into the 21st century. It’s entitled – Achy Breaky 2. Obviously.

It’s a tall ask, but you’re going to have to watch the music video for this post to work. So for that, I’m truly sorry.

Right – made it through? Well done. A Cynically Sound golden speaker pin for you.

Now, there are some reviews which claim this song is a parody of Cyrus’ daughter, Miley, and her career. This, is total bullshit. Even if it was true, that would be horribly weird. Let’s take a gander at the lyrics to see why…

Buck 22: “Miley keeps twerkin’, daddy’s song is workin’
Now Billy sing that crazy hook again”
Billy Ray Cyrus: “Wreckin’ Ball!”

Anyway, regardless to the garbled mess of a beat these lyrics are thrown over, Billy’s reference to his daughter’s super-sexualised Wreckin’ Ball is just…eugh. Anyone who stumbles across this should be given a discount on solvents to scrub themselves clean with.

Furthermore, reviews have called this; “a ‘hip-hop’ remix”. However it’s so indistinguishable from any hip-hop that has ever been made, that it just seems like such an insulting comparison to make. There’s too many genre tropes from differing fields of music to pin down what this song is trying to be. Country with a rap feature? Hip-hop with electro-pop riddled through it? Whatever it is, it’s shit.

Lessons from The World of Kung-Fu
One of Bruce Lee’s most famous quotes is;

“I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once. But I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.”

Words to live by for all you artists out there. Master your craft, and the success will come…