Jacket Sessions 2016 PLAYLIST

We are delighted to share with you the Jacket Sessions 2016 PLAYLIST.

Jacket Sessions 2016 playlist

Last year, we launched Jacket Sessions in the hope of providing new and unique artists with a platform to grow their fanbase. We had 15 incredible artists do incredible performances with us and we’ve chosen the top 10 performances and are delighted to share our exclusive 2016 playlist with you now.

Track list

  1. RoamanPeople of the Sun
  2. Ny OhOnly Lovers On The Late Night Tube (feat. Jesse Sheehan)
  3. Jesse Sheehan – Last Man Standing/Rising Sun
  4. Katie Plus Juan – Better Days
  5. Kalon Rae – The Day That I Was Killed
  6. Seb Wesson – Tigers
  7. Nick Stephenson – June Angel
  8. JoCee – Special Love
  9. Adam Protz – Girl with a Violin
  10. James Sayer – Sweet Baby Jane

Our BEST SESSION AWARD goes to Ny Oh, for her performance of her song ‘Only Lovers On The Late Night Tube‘. We couldn’t quite get over the beauty of the song and the performance was spot on.

The Jacket Sessions 2016 Playlist

You can watch the entire playlist below:

We learnt a lot from the sessions last year and are working on improving our sound & presentation of the sessions. The quality of the sessions is only limited by the equipment we have available to us.

Stay tuned!

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