Hip-Hop Feud Royalty: Pusha T & The Story of Adidon

The old adage goes “All’s Fair in Love & War”, with rap feuds acting as a perfect exemplification. Diss tracks within the hip-hop scene have long acted as an injection of excitement and energy within the industry; artists butt heads and create a spark that can reignite a career. When pride is on the line, artists bring their A-game; often writing their most biting and sharp lyrics.

This mantra of cut throat bars and overstepping boundaries has been recently upheld by Pusha T.  The Bronx native has recently been feuding with hip-pop megastar Drake. Both artists have been grabbing music headlines over the past month or so, with tracks flying backwards and forwards from each camp.

The most recent entry is The Story of Adidon. A track which has confirmed this definitely isn’t just a publicity stunt, where two artists pretend to be angry with eachother to shift some iTunes vouchers.

No, this is personal. But before we continue on, have a listen for yourself below.

Before the lyrics even start to flow, there are two significant things to acknowledge:

  • The album artwork is a certified picture of Drake in ‘blackface’.
  • The beat is a remix of Jay-Z’s ‘The Story of OJ’, which itself tackles issues of race within America.

Pusha T essentially doubles down before he’s even begun. This sucker-punch is an intentional and direct attack on one of Drake’s greatest insecurities – his ethnicity. Drake has allegedly always struggled with ‘not being black enough’, which is a recurring theme throughout the track.

Then comes the issue of fatherhood. It’s well documented that Drake’s father left at a young age, and didn’t often receive the ‘Best Dad’ mug on father’s day. Neither the ‘Supportive Husband’ anniversary badge from Paperchase from his wife. Unfortunately as is often seen with cases like this, Drake is seemingly perpetuating the cycle of absentee father in regards to his own son.

The apparent mother of the child is Sophie Brussaux, a former porn star. Now, before you criticise the inclusion of this fact, let’s clear the air. Whether you ascribe to the view that feminism is about women having a choice to do whatever they want – including the pursuit of careers that often gratify men. Or, whether you perceive the adult entertainment industry as a bird cage. A bird cage in which women are being given the illusion of choice, but are ultimately still constrained within a patriarchal society that they cannot escape from.

This isn’t the point.

The issue arises from the fact Drake is essentially castrating his relationship with his own son, because having a baby with a former porn star is a PR nightmare. Repeat again after me folks:

“Bad PR equals less sales.

Less sales, equals less money.

Less money means Drake fades into obscurity”

Photo by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash

The next target on Push’s hitlist is Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib. 40 suffers from MS, a debilitating disease that only gets worse with time. Pusha alludes that Drake is forcing a disabled man to produce beats for him, instead of recuperating. To draw a comparison within the British political landscape, Drake here is acting much like Theresa May.

In 2017, instead of letting Amber Rudd grieve for her recently deceased father. Theresa May sent her into the official BBC Election Debate, barely giving enough time for the body to turn cold. Much like Drake, May used someone she employs to carry out a job that benefits only her, at the expense of their health and wellbeing.

Bet this is the only publication you’ll ever see Theresa May and Drake directly compared but what’s Cynically Sound for, eh?

Unfortunately we don’t have the word count to dissect each bar, but if the content intrigues you then go and check out the lyrical breakdown here. However, I’ll also give you a redacted version:

Pusha T is about as disrespectful as an Imam dressed in a mankini and stiletto heels leading prayer.

So, who won? (Pusha T, obviously…)

With any war there has to be a winner, and in the day of social media, public opinion rules. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to track public support due to the swathes of memes that took shots at Drake.

Unless Drake responds with something akin to Hit ‘Em Up by 2Pac, it’s safe to say Pusha T has this feud in the bag.