David Byrne & The Richard-Heads of the Industry

Ahhh women. Or should I say “bloody women” am I right lads? Always moaning about ‘gender equality’ and wanting ‘correctly proportioned opportunity because they’ve been subjugated for hundreds of years and are tired of not having the same status in society as men.’
…says the dickhead in the pub. Unfortunately, we know this person all too well.

Gender inequality is a topic hotter than…well, considering the subject matter I’ll avoid that metaphor. It’s something that needs to be spoken about – especially in the entertainment industry. From the indirect discrimination of simply excluding women, to the outright sickening treatment of them – Ke$ha and Dr Luke for example.

The former Talking Heads frontman – David Byrne, recently caught some flak for not including any women collaborators on his most recent musical project. His statement follows:

Now. David Byrne stands at the tail end of the gender inequality spectrum. He’s the kid who walks on by when he sees a classmate being bullied. Sure, it isn’t his fist holding the head in the toilet bowl and pulling the chain, but he’s doing sweet F/A to stop it from happening.

This is the main issue with the ‘nice guy apathy’ routine. Men in powerful positions, never see themselves as “one of those guys” – to quote Mr Byrne’s statement. Until they’re called out by members of the public, and their self-image is shattered by those who see otherwise.

If you’re comfortable enough, and privileged enough, to not have to scratch and claw your way up to a higher wrung of the ladder, then of course you’re going to become complacent. I don’t think David Byrne is a bad guy, far from it. A lot of people who read this will say “Get over it, he just didn’t work with women on this occasion. It’s not like he took them captive and Fritzl’d them!”

Sure. There are far worse people, doing far worse things. It’s very easy to have a gut reaction to a scumbag like Chris Brown knocking the daylights out of Rihanna. Or labelling R. Kelly literally the creepiest man alive after allegedly pissing on teenagers. But they’re extreme outcomes & results of the pandemic that is rooted in ‘showbiz’. Since the inception of the glossy red-carpet, powerful men have controlled the flow of entertainment, and who delivers it.

If everyone just reacted to the most extreme cases, then nothing would ever change. You need to create an environment whereby there’s hostility towards inequality – at every level. Only then, will we start seeing the change the world so desperately needs.

So yes, David Byrne is part of the problem, because he isn’t pursuing the solution. He shouldn’t get a free pass for blatantly flouting an opportunity to work with women in music, just because he didn’t commit a violent act against a female.

Eat up readers, here’s a little food for thought;

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”
– Desmond Tutu