Subculture – Been and gone?

The hippie revolution of the 60’s. Punks and skinheads of the late 70’s. Hip-Hop renaissance in the 80’s. Ravers of the 90’s. The…err, well, that’s where subculture all ended really. The noughties were a time where somebody pushed the factory reset button on UK subculture. The result was a generation of young people shuffling about to Westlife,[…]

Jacket Records | Cynically Sound - (lack of) Free Music Appreciation thumb

(lack of) Free Music Appreciation

Realistically, no one really has to pay for a piece of entertainment ever again. Need a film? Hop on a torrent site and download it! Swerve Netflix, because in reality, there’s only ever 3 good films on there. The rest are just crap movies you’d find on Channel 5 on a Tuesday night. The same sentiment goes[…]

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Cynically Sound – The Easiest Gig in the World

What do people really want from live music these days? Is it to see their favourite artist in the flesh? Is it to sing along to the songs they love? Or has live music become more about the spectacle, than the artistry? July 11th 2014. Wembley Stadium. Eminem had just finished his first London set[…]

Jacket Records | Cynically Sound - Music Discovery Is Dead thumb

Cynically Sound – Music Discovery Is Dead

With pop music being directly siphoned into our ear drums through digital media, are we really choosing what we listen to, or has the age of music discovery been and gone? Don’t get me wrong, technology is bloody brilliant. It’s revolutionised the way that we listen to music. But even with the entire musical back catalogue of the[…]