Artist Development Guide – Artistic Longevity

It took KT Tunstall ten years to become an overnight success. It took Elbow ten years to get signed, then only made it big with their fourth album! I hope you’re ready for a long slog. Let’s talk about artistic longevity. Ready to Race Let’s compare an artist’s record release to a running race in the Olympics. Training Getting[…]


Artist Development Guide – Ego VS Audience

I would like to introduce another concept of mine which I called Ego VS Audience or EVA. Going back to our unsigned formula which I introduced at the very beginning of this guide. The concept of EVA deals in part with ‘self-confidence‘ variable. The idea is that your music is situated somewhere on a scale between[…]

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Artist Development Guide – Modern Music Consumers

This week I would like to describe modern music consumers. Your audience. The people you are dreaming will take the time to stop thinking about all of their life’s hopes and dreams, to listen to your little bit of creative work. When was the last time you did that? Stopped and listened. The whole album of an new[…]

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Artist Development Guide – The Unsigned Job Description

This week I would like to clarify exactly what you’re undertaking. What is the unsigned job description? The Love Chances are your reasons for seeking a career in the music industry are inspired. By an idol or band. Family member. Or an inherent gene. You love it. You can’t get enough of it. But you may[…]

Jacket Records | Artist Development Guide - BE BRUTALLY HONEST thumb

Artist Development Guide – Be (BRUTALLY) Honest

This week in my artist development guide, I would like to talk about being honest. So, honestly, you’re probably not good enough. Yet. Modern talent shows have a great knack of making a lot of people believe they have what it takes to be famous. So the level of noise surrounding real talent has grown exponentially. In[…]

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Artist Development Guide – Introduction

Welcome to our artist development guide. Hello, my name is Jack Hobbs. I am the founder of Jacket Records. We are an independent music company in the UK. We run a music production studio 20-minutes north of London where we produce and publish records, film live music videos and do artist development work. I have been working in[…]