Mel B, Louis Walsh & #MeToo

Mel B and #MeToo

With all of the allegations flying around Hollywood right now & the #MeToo movement finally giving a voice to the voiceless, no one would be callous enough to grope a co-worker on live television. Surely not? Especially if it was being aired to millions of people at the time. Having a video record with millions of witnesses would surely lead to a blatant sexual assault case?

Let’s have a look…

The above video recently resurfaced of Louis Walsh groping his co-star Mel B, whilst being interviewed live for the X Factor. As his long bony fingers wrap around Mel’s waist like a demon to a door frame, she’s quite obviously very uncomfortable.

Then he firmly grabs her bum, and jiggles it around. Walsh’ sun dried face looks taken aback: “how DARE she have the cheek to stop me groping her cheek!” His microscopic eyes uncomfortably scan around the studio – presumably honing in on the next arse he can fondle. His vocal chords belt out a laugh that isn’t quite loud enough to drown out the sexual assault.

Mel B the Brave

Whilst typing this, my mind kept leaping back to the word ‘brave’ – ‘Mel B is so brave for speaking out’, ‘She’s so brave for how she handled it’. The word ‘brave’ succinctly signals the problem here. It’s ‘brave’ of Mel B, because she would have to suffer the consequences. She would have to explain to the press what happened. She could have potentially jeopardised X Factor’s success.

Louis Walsh was so fucking brazen touching her up, because he knew two things:

  • The likelihood of a female co-host stopping an interview live on air is slim
  • Even if she does make a fuss, all I have to do is just laugh it off. Then claim “I’m looking after you”

There’s no risk, worry or ‘bravery’ on Louis‘ part, as there’ll be no consequences. It was all forgotten about, until the video resurfaced years later.

If this screenshot doesn’t perfectly sum up why #MeToo exists…

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

Cynically Sound is dedicated to calling out global players in the music industry, and drawing attention to their wrongdoings. What Cynically Sound is not dedicated to, is putting off new artists who may be looking to get into the industry. Being a musician, producer or manager, is one of the greatest careers somebody could pursue.

These posts are intended to tackle difficult topics in a humorous way, whilst giving the subject adequate attention and scrutiny. Through bringing these topics to light, you will be more informed on how to navigate the music industry.

If you’re female, please listen up. This will be the first, last, and only time, you will be advised to act like Mel B:

Mel B calling out Louis Walsh (a male co-worker) for groping her, LIVE on television, in front of Simon Cowell (her male boss) – was exactly the right response to his actions (short of slapping his monkey-nut head off those sex-pest shoulders that is.) However, she shouldn’t have to do anything, because it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Now that the clip has gone viral and garnering huge backlash, hopefully there will be some sort of reparation punishing Louis Walsh. As well as an apology. Wonder why he found it so hard to say sorry in the first place?

Anyway, I hope he’s held accountable for not only sexually assaulting a woman, but also for setting up Westlife