Cynically Sound

I’m Joel Russell-Winter – writer of the Cynically Sound series, and I’ll be honest with you; I’m pissed off with how the music industry is shaping up at the moment.

Every week on Cynically Sound I’ll be deconstructing a different part of the modern music scene with my own unique flair and viewpoint. Aiming to unravel the threads to this colossal cluster-fuck, in order to challenge you, to interact with the music industry in a new way.

Welcome to Cynically Sound.

The Blinding Effect of Nostalgia in Music

The world is becoming the hell-in-a-hand-basket we’re constantly being told we’re heading towards; Brexit. Trump. Freddo’s are about £2.79 each, and as a human race, we are seemingly more divided than ever. But one thing we’ve all heard someone say is; “Music was so much better back in my day”, aka nostalgia. Is that the …


We Really Need to Talk About Mumble Rap

Let’s lighten things up slightly after last week’s post… After days, weeks, months, even years, of trying to ignore it – I can’t do it any longer. It’s permeating through my bullshit filter like it’s permeating the industry. The topic up for discussion is; ‘mumble rap’. So why is it so controversial? Well, you have …


Does Being an Artist Give You A ‘Free Pass’? Lennon & R. Kelly Edition

If you haven’t read last week’s post, then I thoroughly recommend you do so. It’s not the most…uplifting post. But then neither is this one. But we’re going to be calling out some people, who have done some bad things. Oh. They also happen to be incredibly famous musicians. So strap in as we venture …


Does Being an Artist Give You A ‘Free Pass?’ Elvis & Chris Brown Edition

All following cases discussed are allegations, and are so until proven guilty or innocent in a court of law. Apart from Chris Brown who was convicted. The scumbag. Music has the ability to change the world. How do we know this? Because music has changed the world. It’s proven. It’s probably the most loved form …


David Byrne & The Richard-Heads of the Industry

Ahhh women. Or should I say “bloody women” am I right lads? Always moaning about ‘gender equality’ and wanting ‘correctly proportioned opportunity because they’ve been subjugated for hundreds of years and are tired of not having the same status in society as men.’ …says the dickhead in the pub. Unfortunately, we know this person all …


The Rise of Hipsters & How We Can Stop Them

I’ll get onto hipsters in a minute, but first, let me tell you a secret. Cynically Sound posts are written from a very specific part of my brain. A part which has been gnawed away at by scepticism & doubt. To get into the right headspace for writing a piece for Cynically Sound; I lather …


The ‘Ed Sheeran’ Complex

Consider this a spiritual successor to my previous post; Pain and Productivity . It covers similar ground, but from an empathetic view for the offending artist. So if you haven’t read that one, go read it. Go, now! Then come back here. I’ll stick the kettle on while I wait. Mr. Sheeran Now, I understand there …


Fame, Money & Excess

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” – Jim Carrey Fame, money and excess. These three things seem to denote when a musician is deemed ‘successful’. This holy-trinity is sold off to the general public as the ultimate …


The Secret to Enjoying Pop

Pop music garners a lot of hate in certain music circles, but I’ve discovered the key to pop music enjoyment… Guys, I never want you to feel like I look down on parts of the music industry, or that these posts come from a place of pretentiousness. These are just simple posts that examine bits …


Pain and Productivity

So the hipsters have a point – “I prefer their earlier stuff” does have some basis for truth. There’s only so much inspiration you can get once you’ve achieved a comfortable lifestyle. Many of the best albums and songs that come from artists, are from when they’re just starting out. At the very least, they …