Cynically Sound

I’m Joel Russell-Winter – writer of the Cynically Sound series, and I’ll be honest with you; I’m pissed off with how the music industry is shaping up at the moment.

Every week on Cynically Sound I’ll be deconstructing a different part of the modern music scene with my own unique flair and viewpoint. Aiming to unravel the threads to this colossal cluster-fuck, in order to challenge you, to interact with the music industry in a new way.

Welcome to Cynically Sound.

Hip-Hop Feud Royalty: Pusha T & The Story of Adidon

The old adage goes “All’s Fair in Love & War”, with rap feuds acting as a perfect exemplification. Diss tracks within the hip-hop scene have long acted as an injection of excitement and energy within the industry; artists butt heads and create a spark that can reignite a career. When pride is on the line, …


Spotify & It’s Crusade Against Hip-Hop

Here we go again… The ongoing saga of R Kelly inspired controversy continues to unravel, as Spotify recently announced another change to it’s ‘hateful content & conduct’ policy. You can read the full version here, but in the interest of time we’ll summarise: “There was a backlash that resulted in loss of profits, so now …


Childish Gambino, Nicole Arbour & ‘This Is America’

As you’re reading this post, there’ll be an assumption made that you’re probably up to date with music news. However, if you haven’t seen Childish Gambino’s latest release ‘This Is America’, then watch it right now. Seeing the music video is far more important than reading this. Also, the post will make no sense unless …


Super-Groups Are A BAD Idea: 3 Proven Failures

Super-groups are an amazing way of watching your favourite artist do something mediocre, with the guitarists of other famous bands. These three examples give an excellent overview of what super-groups often provide the music world – CD’s which are better used as coasters. SuperHeavy If my post on genre crossovers wasn’t warning enough, then here it …


R Kelly Backlash: Is Spotify Right or Hypocritical?

A few Cynically Sound posts ago, my warped brain posited a question: does being an artist give you a free pass? If you’ve had your name in big shiny lights, and millions of people regularly listen to your music, are the sins from your personal life absolved? Using examples of famous voices such as Elvis …


Kanye West & Lift Yourself – Make Kanye Great Again

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Kanye West has been having a controversial month. Well, more controversial than usual. His buddying up with President Trump (God, even after a year it still looks bat-shit crazy typing out “President Trump”), has caused quite a stir after claiming that ‘slavery was a choice’ & sporting the infamous …


MORE Awful Genre Crossovers: Rap Rock & Billy Ray Cyrus

It felt sadistic putting all of these awful genre crossovers into one post. So after last weeks delve into two of hip-hop’s worst genre experiments, let’s answer a very important question; What can Bruce Lee teach us about genre crossovers? Limp Bizkit & Chocolate Starfish Limp Bizkit are a collective full of contradictions, with less …


Awful Genre Crossovers: Rap, Rock & Country

Innovation & originality is an integral part of creating great music. Artists that push boundaries within their genre, often create a magnum opus – an exceptional album that propels them into legendary status, and sets the bar for any sequential releases. Beethoven still has a profound effect on the music we listen to today. Aphex …


The Blinding Effect of Nostalgia in Music

The world is becoming the hell-in-a-hand-basket we’re constantly being told we’re heading towards; Brexit. Trump. Freddo’s are about £2.79 each, and as a human race, we are seemingly more divided than ever. But one thing we’ve all heard someone say is; “Music was so much better back in my day”, aka nostalgia. Is that the …


We Really Need to Talk About Mumble Rap

Let’s lighten things up slightly after last week’s post… After days, weeks, months, even years, of trying to ignore it – I can’t do it any longer. It’s permeating through my bullshit filter like it’s permeating the industry. The topic up for discussion is; ‘mumble rap’. So why is it so controversial? Well, you have …