Jack Hobbs

Jack Hobbs | Songwriter/Producer

Having spent most of his time on stage at school, Jack switched his focus to the technical side of the music industry. His huge interest in the art of songwriting and music production resulted in the construction of his own recording studio – Jacket Records. Jack (aka. Jacket) is our founder and CEO but also a singer/songwriter in his own right.

Releasing an EP and his debut album before he knew what he was doing resulted in a massive loss in Jack’s self-confidence as an artist. Through psychotherapy and mindfulness, Jack has been slowly piecing his confidence in his abilities back together.


A true jack-of-all-trades, but certainly NOT a master of none. Jack’s work is of the utmost quality, as a virgo, he wouldn’t settle for less.

Jack is currently working on his next solo album and continues work as a songwriter/producer.