The Artist Is Everything

You are everything. Yes YOU. The artist. You are EVERYTHING to us.

You want to be the artist you’ve always dreamt of becoming. We can help you there. Prepare to be treated and respected like you have already become that artist.


Take a look around and see if there is anything we could help you with. Even is there is nothing here that would suit you, perhaps we could come to an arrangement?

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We are a one-stop-shop recording studio, video production and photography company tailored for musicians and their music.

Our Mission

We also sell records and merchandise for our artists in our online shop.

Recording Studio

Our recording studio is located just north of St Albans or 25 mins from London on the train.

  • Live room (16 channels in, 4 returns).
  • Vocal booth (4 channels in & out).
  • Control room centred around Apogee® Ensemble Thunderbolt.
  • Industry-standard audio equipment – Neumann®, Adam Audio, EVE Audio, AKG®, Lewitt®, SSL Audient.
  • Exceptional quality house instruments from Fender®, Gibson®, Roland®, Yamaha® and more.
  • Wide array of amplification from Fender®, Mesa Boogie®,  Blackstar®, Ashdown® and Roland®.
  • Three house drum kits – Modern, Rock & Vintage from Pearl® and Beverley.
  • A great selection of snare drums including a ’67 Ludwig Supaphonic 400 aka. The Hitmaker.
  • Easy-peasy loading via double doors.
  • Free parking right outside our door.
  • Free Tea & Coffee.

Check out our gear list.

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Booking is subject to non-refundable deposit and our Terms & Conditions.


Jack Hobbs | Songwriter/Producer

Having spent most of his time on stage at school, Jack switched his focus to the technical side of the music industry. His huge interest in the art of songwriting and music production resulted in the construction of his own recording studio – Jacket Records. Jack is our founder and CEO but also a singer/songwriter in his own right.

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